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Scott Scheuerman

Executive Chef

Scott Scheuerman

A native of Delaware, USA, and a graduate of the Johnson & Wales culinary college in Rhode Island, Chef Scott had amassed over thirty years of regional cooking experience in hotels and restaurants as he chartered his course though New England, New Mexico, Florida and the Caribbean before making Aruba his home. Along with formal studies, his diversity as a chef is also due to his interest and university degree in Art and Cultural Anthropology, as well as his wife’s native cooking. She is from Colombia.

Chef Scott has represented Aruba in numerous Caribbean culinary competitions, garnering a number of important medals and often serves as coach to young chefs and the judge in local culinary events. From his perspective, cuisine is the art form that most distinctly expresses one’s national, regional and ethnic identity and it is his aim to pay tribute to the varied cultural influences of the Caribbean and his American homeland while at the helm at Aqua Grill. Chef Scott has been the resident culinary wizard at the restaurant since it opened in 2002.